Livingston Studios exists to connect, create and innovate - a place where all artist in the industry could gather, train and share knowledge and experiences. Asti Livingston founded Livingston Studios in August 2013. From the start of Asti entering into the world of voice over, she wanted a place where new talents could be discovered and creativity could flow and flourish. It is a sanctuary where voice over actors and actresses could go when they needed assistance in improving their craft, honing their skills, or just being around fellow artists. Livingston Studios is welcomes children and senior voice talents alike, also features a sound pod that is handicap accessible.

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Services Provided

  • Strategy
  • Creative Design
  • Front-end Development

Agency: Mouth Media Inc.


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I'm not available for contract & full-time work but I would still love to hear from you. Check out my social media links to get in touch.

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