Pride Toronto exists to celebrate the history, courage, diversity and future of Ottawa's LGBTTIQQ2SA* communities. Pride Toronto is the not-for-profit organization that hosts Pride Week, one of the premier arts and cultural festivals in Canada. Pride Week is also one of the largest Pride celebrations in the world, with an estimated attendance of over 1.2 million people celebrating the history, courage, diversity and future of Ottawa's LGBTTIQQ2SA communities.

Pride Toronto came to us looking for a way to showcase the festival and events for their yearly Pride celebration in Ottawa. We provided a custom built CMS solution that can be reused from year to year as well as a mobile solution to allow visitors and festival goers the ability to access events easily. Similarly we provided a facebook campaign and other social media intergration to allow the conversation to continue throughout the entire year.

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Services Provided

  • Strategy
  • Creative Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Facebook Campaign
  • Email Marketing

Notable Details

  • Custom CMS
  • Mobile Design & Development
  • Newsletter Module
  • Social Media Integration

Agency: Mouth Media Inc.


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